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First Saturday in June

Family Recreation Day


Each includes the tent space, official banner, 1 table, 2 chairs and helps cover the event insurance, park fee and supplies. An Organization or Sponsor can request to bring an additional pop-up canopy and a promotional banner.

Marketing Commitment

For an organization, this is an opportunity to make connections. For the sponsor, this is a Cause Marketing opportunity where people connect your business and what you support with what is important to them. The event benefits more people when we can get the word out. So, we would like you to commit all that you can to marketing your support of the organization you are supporting, for both image of your business and the benefit of the whole event.

The Experience

Please consider additional cost of support, or manpower, the sponsor may wish to contribute to the organization to help their experience for the event.
Before April 15, 2019 - Final commitments must be submitted by completing this form, including the experience attached.
Before May 1, 2019 - Please send the organization and sponsor logos, and title of your activity to:

On a separate page, please describe the family oriented experience you will create and submit with this form. Consider how much space you may need beyond the tent space.

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